A Review Of Phap Luan Cong

Thông tin về các điểm luyện công có các học viên tình nguyện hướng dẫn miễn phí, nhóm học Pháp Luân Đại Pháp địa phương »

eight. « Porter une épée dans le dos » est une des méthodes les furthermore cruelles pour torturer les pratiquants. Afin de les empêcher de faire les exercices ou dès que les pratiquants n’obéissent pas aux requêtes des gardiens, les policiers des centres de détention et des camps de travaux forcés appliquent cette torture inhumaine afin de persécuter les pratiquants.

Parfois, il y a des morceaux de bois tranchants sur la corde. Lorsque la corde est attachée étroitement, la corde entaille les bras, ce qui est extrêmement douloureux. « Accroché une fois » signifie que la corde est accrochée une fois. Comme punition sévère, cette torture n’était appliquée que deux fois au plus pour des criminels qui essayaient de s’échapper des centres de détention. Cependant, la law enforcement attache les pratiquants avec la corde eight ou nine fois (illustration 9).

He stressed that Based on Vietnamese regulation the two men were being only subject matter to your good for your small administrative offense, not any criminal offense that could bring on imprisonment or confiscation of assets.

Following the electrical shock, the pores and skin could well be badly burnt, produce blisters as well as fester. These types of torture also brings about harm to The interior organs and nervous method. Also, the victim suffers from psychological trauma.

This exhibit displays total overall body cadavers along with human overall body parts, organs, fetuses and embryos that come from cadavers of Chinese citizens or people. With respect to your human elements, organs, fetuses and embryos that you are viewing, Leading relies only to the representations of its Chinese associates and can't independently confirm that they don't belong to persons executed when incarcerated in Chinese prisons.

Precisely what is exhibited right here is called the electrical needle. The law enforcement can regulate the electric latest and voltage at will. In the event the voltage and recent is substantial, the target would bounce to the mattress in the shock.

Les gardiens why not try here enferment le pratiquant dans une cage métallique particulière avec best site les bras par-dessus la tête. Ensuite les gardiens secouent et font basculer la cage métallique.

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Wang Yuzhi, a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province in China, stated: "For the duration of my starvation strike to protest the persecution, I used to be force-fed while in the labour camp. Their actions had been quite brutal. Quite a few jail guards and criminals tied my fingers and feet and compelled me down on the board. They covered my entire body that has a white sheet with only my mouth exposed. Then they inserted the tube into my thirty day period, and held my mouth open up by using a steel expander to be able to pour within a corn gruel.

Trăm và ngàn lần anh tìm em trong hỗn-độn, anh chợt ngoảnh đầu lại, về phía đèn đang tắt, em đứng đó.

At other instances, specifically created iron bars are heated in burning charcoal right up until they turn into red-warm. These are then utilized to melt away practitioners' chests and thighs.

These kinds of torture is amazingly brutal. Other very similar usually means involve: nailing bamboo spikes into practitioners' fingers, chopping [hitting] practitioners' palms with really hard-soled footwear, hammering practitioners' hands that has a hammer or drilling into practitioners' hands with an electric drill.

Certains pratiquants sont forcés d’avaler des methods saturées en sel, du poivre rouge, les liqueurs extremely concentrées, du détergent, et même de l’urine et des excréments. Certains policiers ordonnent n en même temps aux prisonniers de torturer les pratiquants que l’on gave de drive, comme par exemple en insufflant de l’air dans le tube, pour ensuite piétiner le pratiquant sur le ventre, ce qui fait que les answers saturées en sel ressurgissent par la bouche pour brûler le pratiquant aux yeux et dans le nez.

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